35 years of experience

Solving business problems through digital technology.

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We started this business through a history and passion for solving business problems through digital technology. 

Our combined experience of 35 years overcoming business challenges for previous employers has provided us with an opportunity to further fulfil personal ambitions and help other businesses realise there potential. 

Skilfully developing and enrolling digital tools will enable you to be more effective, efficient, whilst improving business controls for a stronger sustainable future! 

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Over our 35 year’s experience we have completed scores of Digital development projects

  • Business Analysis
  • Defining ‘As-Is’
  • Specifying ‘To-Be’
  • Building Digital Solutions
  • Creating reference/training content
  • User training/adoption
  • Post ‘Go Live’ support

The above skills are how Sigma DX ensures its Customers realise ROI from each project we complete

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Wondering how best to improve Sales Margin?

Who benefits from our Services? ​

  • Companies operating from several IT platforms 

  • Companies with no way to track Customer Relationships

  • Companies wanting to improve Sales processes 

  • Companies who would like to improve communication with Customers 

  • Companies looking to improve communication/interaction between departments/employees

  • Companies struggling to meet Customer promises

  • Companies looking to raise Service levels as a differentiator

  • Companies wanting Customer Loyalty

  • Companies finding it difficult to get invoices paid

  • Companies who recognize the future involves ‘Digital Solutions’

  • Companies who want to grow Sales, Margin or Both! 

Who won’t benefit from our Services?

  • Companies whose Service is so great the Competition can’t get close 

  • Companies so far ahead of the Competition they’re swimming in Operating Profit 

Unlike other Consultants and Software providers, we get straight to the point and focus purely on how to improve sales, margin or both through digital solutions tailored to meet your needs.

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Are you ready to see your company grow?