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Over our 35 year’s experience we have completed scores of Digital development projects

  • Business Analysis
  • Defining ‘As-Is’
  • Specifying ‘To-Be’
  • Building Digital Solutions
  • Creating reference/training content
  • User training/adoption
  • Post ‘Go Live’ support

The above skills are how Sigma DX ensures its Customers realise ROI from each project we complete

Satisfied Clients
Years of Experience
Completed Projects
35 years of experience

Transforming business processes through bespoke digital experience

One of the things we do is to help transform paper based process with Easy to Implement and Easy to Use Digital Tools.

We can help with capturing your knowledge and expertise in Digital Tools which improves Customer Experience and Business Performance.

Check out our Solution Examples, Case Studies and Testimonials to see how we have helped businesses around the UK.

Solution Examples

Job Management App


Our Client received too many Jobs each day to manage all of them effectively from paper processes alone.

Our Client can now track each ‘New Job’ from receipt through to Invoice Paid Paid’ via a
bespoke Job Management App.

Field Quote App


Our Client Client’s Field Sales Team were quoting their clients from paper tariff’s, with no centralised records.

Our Client Client’s Field Sales Team can now issue centrally recorded quotes from a bespoke Pricing App whilst with their Client.

Vehicle Management
and Daily Checks


Our Client managed a small fleet of commercial vehicles for their employees, but didn’t like the high price of traditional Fleet Management software.

We designed and created a pair of Applications to help manage the basics of Vehicle Management, including Daily Checks carried out by the employees using their smart phones.

Do you need a bespoke IT solution for your business?