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We asked Sigma DX to help us significantly improve how we store our data. Like many businesses we put our various data files in folders and sub-folders. While this appeared to file our data in a reasonable manner, in reality, because different staff could create new folders and sub folders eventually it became difficult to find specific data files unless you knew exactly where it was. Finding data was particularly difficult when new staff tried to find those data files as they had to gain an understanding of a complex set of folders and sub folders where the naming did not really indicate accurately what data was stored or in some cases was ambiguous such that it could be stored in several different places (and sometimes was, resulting in different versions of the same data file!).

Sigma DX helped us understand how we wanted to catalogue and tag our data files and then using digital tools such as SharePoint helped us transition to a different way of filing our data files. This allows us to access them far more intuitively with electronic controls in place to ensure that when files were stored, the system enforced that those documents were properly catalogued and tagged enabling us to find them by cross referencing several tags to get to a particular data file.

Sigma DX worked closely with us, listening and confirming their understanding of our problems and what we wanted to achieve. They then quickly provided us with a working model which we used to test whether it met our aims with Sigma DX observing how we used it. This allowed them to identify any issues and tweak the solution (again very rapidly) to deliver a final solution. That solution is saving us a considerable amount of time in finding the information we need without disrupting other staff to try and locate it.

Working with Sigma DX was a positive, proper business collaboration helping our business tackle some of the challenges involved in digital transformation and provide tangible benefits to our business.  

Tim Barnes

General Manager Director Designate