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We asked Sigma DX to help us significantly improve how we store our data. Like many businesses we put our various data files in folders and sub-folders. While this appeared to file our data in a reasonable manner, in reality, because different staff could create new folders and sub folders eventually it became difficult to find specific data files unless you knew exactly where it was. Finding data was particularly difficult when new staff tried to find those data files as they had to gain an understanding of a complex set of folders and sub folders where the naming did not really indicate accurately what data was stored or in some cases was ambiguous such that it could be stored in several different places (and sometimes was, resulting in different versions of the same data file!).

Sigma DX helped us understand how we wanted to catalogue and tag our data files and then using digital tools such as SharePoint helped us transition to a different way of filing our data files. This allows us to access them far more intuitively with electronic controls in place to ensure that when files were stored, the system enforced that those documents were properly catalogued and tagged enabling us to find them by cross referencing several tags to get to a particular data file.

Sigma DX worked closely with us, listening and confirming their understanding of our problems and what we wanted to achieve. They then quickly provided us with a working model which we used to test whether it met our aims with Sigma DX observing how we used it. This allowed them to identify any issues and tweak the solution (again very rapidly) to deliver a final solution. That solution is saving us a considerable amount of time in finding the information we need without disrupting other staff to try and locate it.

Working with Sigma DX was a positive, proper business collaboration helping our business tackle some of the challenges involved in digital transformation and provide tangible benefits to our business.  

Tim Barnes

General Manager Director Designate

Radius Systems Ltd

  • Intuitiveness of the App

From a user perspective the app is simple to use and only requires a minimum amount of inputs to generate a personal and customised quote for our customers. The views make it easier to track your own work and keep it up to date on the road, it also makes it easy for everyone to use in the exact same way which is key when you have a multitude of different people using it all with different skill levels when it comes to technology.

  • Benefits of data captured in field and real-time access to the data by the office team

There are some real gems with this app when it comes to real time data capture as well as updates and inputs. One of the key requirements for Radius was the need to make changes to our pricing as the market changed which can be very spontaneous, it literally takes me 30 seconds to update my data and as soon as it is saved the external team see it from wherever they are so long as they have a data connection. A really useful feature that came out of the collaborative discussions was the ability to see what another person had quoted for the same project and also whether they had been successful in winning the business or not, this allows the team to get a feel of the market without losing any additional margin on the product if the history is there. This also helps with regards to National pricing as once one Sales manager has quoted a product for a named scheme this will come up for the rest of the team which will identify duplication and allow them to discuss strategy without competing against each other unknowingly.

  • Sigma DX approach to the problem / Understanding of the challenge / Quality of the proposed specification and digital solution

One of the benefits to using Sigma DX is the fact that they are not just tech guys who have never worked in the “real world”, they have worked in industry and therefore understand the challenges that present themselves in most sectors and apply their experience when offering a solution. This enhances the starting discussions as they offer scenarios that they have personally gone through and add them to the “what if” element of the discussions  which you will find gives you certain tools that you would not get from a less life experienced team. Once you have had a few meetings with Sigma DX you will start to see the fruits of your discussions in the form of some very detailed yet easy to digest designs. The process diagrams and colourful and flowy which make them enjoyable to read whilst still retaining a high standard of work.

Sigma DX’s interpretation of the brief was excellent, they understood the “must have’s” and at the same time offered  improved tools and views for some of the more fluid areas that we had less experience in. Allowing Sigma DX some artistic licence which in the opinion of Radius Systems is an integral part of building a quality product whilst sticking to the core elements of the brief has created a perfect blend and is far superior to what would have been built if we had not allowed and alterations.

  • Overall experience working with Sigma DX – Would you recommend Sigma DX Ltd

Having worked with many out sourced  specialists over the last 20 years, it is my l view that Sigma DX are up there with the best. Their personal approach and close knit discussions allow for a very professional and reliable experience. Equally their after care service is also first rate and they are quick to support should additional assistance be required.

Craig Walker

Customer Services Manager

Fan System Group Ltd

When we started working with SigmaDX, we knew that the challenge we were trying to tackle was big but I don’t think we had fully grasped the scale and complexity of the challenge! 

SigmaDX helped us understand that challenge which was impressive as they had no prior knowledge of our business or industry. In grappling with the scale of the challenge SIgmaDX had to be highly flexible and adaptive, perhaps more so than we have experienced with other IT consultants who tend to focus more heavily on what they have quoted rather than trying to work with their customers to get to the solution the customer wants. 

The solution that SigmaDX developed for us was built using PowerApps and SharePoint taking full advantage of our existing Office365 licenses thereby minimising both software and implementation costs, along with reducing the project timescale in comparison to its competitors. The resulting solution is very intuitive and easy to use as it provides a highly visual way of interacting with the solution. 

Overall, we were very pleased with the solution that SIgmaDX provided, so much so that we have asked them to help us with some further work that extends to all operations of the business rather than just a single department due to its flexibility and capability..

Lee Sinclair

Technical Engineering Manager

Amber Adult Social Care

Darren and James have worked with my team and I to develop a bespoke solution to provide key management information to support compliance with our regulatory and quality functions. They took the time to really understand how the current process works, identified potential efficiencies, and supported with new workflows. Their attention to detail in the planning stage was certainly a key factor in the delivery of the final solution, which is much better than I had originally anticipated.

In addition to the above, James was able to re-configure our Microsoft 365 to ensure that the team and I got the most out of the solution. Shared calendars, inboxes and team’s channels have vastly improved our ability to communicate effectively whilst working from multiple sites or remotely.

I have no hesitation in recommending Sigma DX Ltd to my colleagues and wider connections for similar projects and will certainly continue to engage their services moving forward.

Matt Todd

Chief Executive

Atlas Telecommunications

Darren and James have a product that ticks all the boxes. My invoice processes were terrible until I met Darren, he explained what Sigma DX could do for me to streamline my processes. 

Once I’d given all my requirements I could forget about it until it was ready. What was done for me has completely changed the way I compile my customers information, saving me time when quoting and invoicing my customers. 

I can’t recommend Darren and James highly enough. I will and have recommended Sigma DX to my customers to help streamline their own processes.

Steve Fairbank

Owner & CEO