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Fan System Group Ltd

When we started working with SigmaDX, we knew that the challenge we were trying to tackle was big but I don’t think we had fully grasped the scale and complexity of the challenge! 

SigmaDX helped us understand that challenge which was impressive as they had no prior knowledge of our business or industry. In grappling with the scale of the challenge SIgmaDX had to be highly flexible and adaptive, perhaps more so than we have experienced with other IT consultants who tend to focus more heavily on what they have quoted rather than trying to work with their customers to get to the solution the customer wants. 

The solution that SigmaDX developed for us was built using PowerApps and SharePoint taking full advantage of our existing Office365 licenses thereby minimising both software and implementation costs, along with reducing the project timescale in comparison to its competitors. The resulting solution is very intuitive and easy to use as it provides a highly visual way of interacting with the solution. 

Overall, we were very pleased with the solution that SIgmaDX provided, so much so that we have asked them to help us with some further work that extends to all operations of the business rather than just a single department due to its flexibility and capability..

Lee Sinclair

Technical Engineering Manager