"One of the benefits to using Sigma DX is the fact that they are not just tech guys who have never worked in the Real World, they have worked in industry and therefore understand the challenges"
- Paul Olney, Commercial Director

The Customer 

Radius Systems are an international manufacturer of Pipe and Fittings products for the Civil Engineering and Construction sectors. 

The Customer Brief 

We need a better solution to track and manage Field Sales Enquiries for ‘On Spot’ pricing during our Field Sales Teams visits with customers. We currently use social media apps to communicate activity between Field Sales Teams and the Commercial Team who are office based. Our biggest challenge is visibility of the ‘On Spot’ Sales Enquiries. Structuring this activity will enable us to provide a professional quotation and follow up within minutes of the Customer request whilst providing all our staff with a ‘Live’ view of each Customer enquiry.  


What We Delivered 

Our first activity was to meet key stakeholders from both the Commercial and Field Sales Teams to devise a list of capabilities required from a digital solution. We then created a ‘Proof of Concept’ that we could demonstrate to the Key stakeholders of how their needs could be met. The ‘Proof of Concept’ demonstration ignited lots of client thoughts resulting in further feedback that became part of the specification and build. The nice surprise we delivered was building the solution within Office 365 meaning they had no additional software licenses to pay for! 

The supplied App included several bespoke capabilities, and that were important for their specific sector and business model; 

  • The App would work on both a Phone and a Desktop computer 
  • The App included scalable price points to allow for volume discounting 
  • The App included permissions based routines inline with decision making accountability for key stakeholders 
  • The App prevented quote submissions for obsolete parts 
  • The App automated an approval procedure for quotes above pre-determined sales values 
  • When quoting a Product, the App shows relevant quoting history for that product 
  • The App is very easy and intuitive to use – very little “User Training” was required 
  • Custom Reports for sales analysis – by User/Product/Customer/Date etc. 
CRM and Sales App - Quotes List (In white Phone)

Quantifiable Benefits 

  • Visibility of all quotations submitted to Customers 
  • Faster and easier calculation of quote prices (75% Improvement) 
  • Improved response time for submitting customer quotations (from ~24 hours to ~2 hours), leading to Increased quote conversion rate 
  • Visibility and control over ALL product prices quoted by staff, including discount schemes 
  • Conversion Rate statistics – by Sales Person, Customer, Product or Date 
  • Tracking of “Lost Reasons” for analysis and improvement actions for the Sales Team & Operations 
  • Utilised existing Microsoft Office 365 Licenses – no additional software license costs