Warwick Glass

"Sigma DX significantly improved our processes for managing customer enquiries. Transitioning from a paper-based process to digital solution, designed to our bespoke requirements has really improved our efficiency and ease at which we process all our new enquiries."
- Simon Gibbons, Service Manager, Warwick Glass

Warwick Glass

The Customer 

Warwick Glass have been specialising in Glass and Glazing products for over 30 years that offers homeowners the opportunity to bring their dream home to life. By combining market-leading designs and professional installation they are able to make your home safer and more comfortable place to be.

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The Customer Brief 

We need to improve how we manage our customer enquiries our paper-based system creates delays and lack of visibility in relation to work in progress. We want a solution that enables us to track each step of each ‘enquiry’. Within a few clicks we would like to understand what team within the business are dealing with the enquiry including our suppliers so we can effectively manage and improve our Customer Experience. 

 What We Delivered 

Our first activity was to map the current process and list all the capabilities Warwick Glass wanted to improve for their ‘Customer Experience’. This enabled us to map a proposed digital process detailing User Interfaces, automated functions, filters, and summary data outputs. Once the specification was agreed we created a DEV App to build the new solution. Post completion of each stage of the build Warwick Glass staff would Test the DEV App to ensure all aspects of their process were covered. This approach continued until the DEV App was completed to Warwick Glass’s satisfaction. The new enquiry solution was then created ‘LIVE’ for the business to use whilst running off old enquiries on the paper-based process. 

Job Management App - Jobs List (In Monitor)
Job Management App - Job Sales Screen (In Monitor)
  • The App included a pricing engine that was specific to the way that the customer composed their prices, including standard prices for commonly quoted items 
  • The App produced Quality customer quotation documents that can be sent directly via email. 
  • The App saved all documents that it generated, and allows Users to upload other files 
  • The App could automatically create purchase orders for the items quoted to the customer 
  • The App is very easy and intuitive to use – very little “User Training” was required 
  • Custom Reports for sales analysis 

Quantifiable Benefits

Visibility of all quotations submitted to Customers
Visibility of all Jobs currently In Progress (WIP), and what stage they are at
Faster and easier calculation of quote prices (75% Improvement)
Improved response time for submitting customer quotations (from ~24 hours to ~2 hours), leading to Increased quote conversion rate
Faster and easier production and sending of Purchase orders to suppliers
Full audit trail/log of activity for any given job, leading to improved First Call Resolution (FCR) for incoming customer queries
Visibility and control over ALL product prices quoted by staff, including discount schemes, leading to consistency of customer pricing
Conversion rate statistics
Tracking of “Lost Reasons” for analysis and improvement actions for the Sales Team & Operations
Utilised existing Microsoft Office 365 Licenses – no additional software license costs